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Site Appraisal

Site appraisals are used to highlight likely ground conditions, possible geotechnical problems, contamination associated with previous or current site usage and to identify potential hazards and construction issues at an early stage. Compass Geotechnical Ltd have wide ranging experience in site appraisals and source a wealth of information from specialist suppliers, GIS databases and extensive in-house resources enabling us to provide a comprehensive range of services.

Phase 1 Desk Study

A Phase 1 Desk Study and walkover survey is required as part of the planning application process for most developments and can aid decision making in purchase situations. Development of a detailed Conceptual Site Model and assessment of the level of risk to identified receptors aids the design of cost effective and appropriate, Phase 2, investigations. Each Phase 1 desk study is tailored to the individual client and project. 

Pre Purchase Appraisals

Identification of problematic ground conditions, possible contamination, natural and man made geohazards to assist with informed decision making.

Coal Mining Risk Assessments

Required as part of the planning process in all Development High Risk Areas to assess risks from mine workings, opencast extraction and mine entries.

Minerals Resource Assessments

Required for potential developments within designated Minerals Safeguarding Areas to protect mineral resources.

Piling Risk Assessments

An assessment of risks associated with piling on contaminated sites in accordance with the latest Environment Agency guidance.

UXO Risk Assessments

Following the CIRIA 4 stage risk management process to deal with UXO hazards for sites particularly in London and former WWII military sites.

Radon Gas Risk Assessments

Advice on the requirements for radon protection measures and assessment of radon risk.

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