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Quarries and Aggregates

As independent, qualified geotechnical specialists, Compass Geotechnical carry out geotechnical assessments and provide Schedule 1 reports in accordance with the Quarries Regulations 1999 and the associated Approved Code of Practice 1 for both national and independent quarry operators.

Compass Geotechnical regularly act as consultants for producers of primary and secondary aggregates and recycled products.

Our services and expertise include:

Excavations, Solid Tips and Lagoons

Appraisal and assessment in accordance with Regulation 33 (Quarries Regulations) and the requirements of the Health and Safety Executive.


Recommendations for the design of new quarry excavations, design and maintenance of stockpiles, storage mounds, water and silt lagoons.

Significant Hazards

Preparation of Schedule 1 Reports for significant hazards.

Excavation and Tips Rules

Preparation and review of Excavation and Tip rules.

On Site Sampling Services

Certified sampling carried out to BS EN 932-1.

Quarry Consultancy Services

Advice on the specification and frequency of compliance testing required for both primary and secondary aggregates including chemical analysis for sulphates, leachates, contamination and the interpretation of results. Guidance on the use of materials and products as well as the compaction and handling of materials.

Factory Production Control (FPC) systems

Design, review and audit of Factory Production Control (FPC) systems and associated documentation, production of certificates of conformity and maintenance of records.

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