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Geotechnical Investigation

We carry out carefully designed and cost-effective geotechnical and geoenvironmental ground and groundwater investigations in accordance with BS 5930 for a wide range of developments and civil engineering projects.  Where appropriate a combined approach is adopted to address both geotechnical and contamination issues.

A range of techniques, both intrusive and non-intrusive, are employed to determine ground and groundwater conditions.  In-situ testing, sampling and laboratory testing is undertaken to determine geotechnical parameters for the design of shallow and deep foundations, retaining walls and road pavements.

Compass Geotechnical offer an efficient and professional approach to site investigations.  Clear and concise reports compliant with British Standards and Eurocode 7 are prepared by qualified and experienced Engineers and chartered geologists to provide guidance and to recommend appropriate engineering solutions for an extensive range of geohazards.

Our expertise and services include:

Geotechnical Investigation

Boreholes and trial pits are used to investigate ground and groundwater conditions for a variety of developments and civil engineering projects.

Foundation Design

Selection of appropriate foundation solutions, calculation of design bearing resistance and advice on construction issues.

Subsidence Investigations

Investigation and monitoring of buildings affected by ground movements including heave. Examination of road construction and sub base materials to assess causes of movement and surface cracking.

Slope Stability Assessments

Modelling and analysis of slopes and calculation of factors of safety against instability.

Earthworks Design and CQA

Design of earthworks, specification and monitoring of construction.

Road Pavement Engineering and Assessment

We carry out rapid and cost effective assessment of the California Bearing Ratio (CBR) of existing and proposed road pavements by Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) in accordance with CS 229 Design Manual for Roads and Bridges - Data for pavement assessment. 

Investigation of Cavities

Intrusive and non-intrusive techniques to identify solution features, natural and man made cavities affecting existing buildings and new developments.

Soakaway Tests and Design

Infiltration tests in accordance with BRE Digest 365 and the design of soakaways for surface water disposal.

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